Honors Track

Honors Track

An Honors track is available in the Community Health (Public Healh, Fall 2014) concentration. Honors track students are required to enroll in PHP1980 (Honors Thesis Preparation) with their primary thesis advisor both semesters of their senior year. Students who wish to be considered a candidate for Honors should discuss their plans with the Honors Thesis advisor before submitting the required prospectus.

To receive Honors, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Submit a prospectus to the Honors Advisor in early May of the student's sixth semester. Students must identify a primary advisor for their thesis, who signs off on the thesis prospectus. A second advisor must also be specified, but does not have to sign.
  2. Be in Good Academic Standing as defined by University rules.
  3. Demonstrate academic excellence. In addition to two semesters of PHP1980 (the honors theses project itself), the student must also successfully complete 12 courses, at least 10 of which are taken for a grade, for the concentration. The student must achieve a balance of A’s over B’s (i.e., at least 6 As out of the 10 graded courses). Remember that an S with distinction is equivalent to an A. However, since the S_Dist does not appear on the internal transcript, the student must inform us when they receive this grade. Students with questions regarding whether they qualify should contact the Honors Advisor.
  4. Submit an Honors Thesis judged to be of superior quality by each of the two advisors.
  5. Deliver an oral presentation, based on the Thesis, which is reviewed favorably by the Department faculty. For May graduates, Honors Thesis presentations occur in mid-April; for mid-years, the presentation is in November.

The Independent Study course number, PHP1980, is used to write the Honors Thesis. PHP1980 must be taken for a grade in both senior-year semesters, and cannot have a grade of INC in either semester. An INC disqualifies the student from Honors.

For students graduating in May, the final copy of the thesis is due by the first Friday in May. For students who are finishing in mid-year, (as ".5's"), the thesis is due in late November. In order to meet the deadline, students should plan to submit a next-to-final draft of their project to their advisors at least one month before the end of classes.