No less access after Medicaid growth

Medicaid has added about 3 million people to its rolls under “Obamacare.” A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine finds that based on the recent history of Medicaid expansion in individual states, the increase in people with the insurance won’t result in reduced access to care for those who already have it.

(Distributed April 14, 2014)

Grant to study Kenya breastfeeding

A new three-year USAID “PEER” grant of nearly $450,000 will allow a team led by Judith Ongaji Kimiywe of Kenyatta University with guidance from Stephen McGarvey of Brown University’s School of Public Health to conduct a pilot implementation of the “Baby Friendly Community Initiative” in the rural district of Igembe North in Kenya. They will measure the nutrition and health status and practices of more than 1,000 mother-child pairs.

(Distributed April 8, 2014)
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