ScM or AM in Biostatistics

ScM or AM in Biostatistics

Director of Masters Graduate Program
Christopher Schmid, PhD
Professor of Biostatistics

The ScM and AM programs in Biostatistics provide advanced training in theory and application of statistical methods in public health, clinical medicine, and the biological sciences. The masters degree programs are designed to provide advanced training for individuals pursuing careers as professional statisticians or data analysts in industry, government or academia; those contemplating doctoral study in biostatistics; and established researchers seeking advanced training in biostatistics. The training is provided through coursework and the completion of a thesis. The programs require one to two years to complete.

Major areas of faculty research include Bayesian inference, analysis of biomarkers and diagnostic tests, causal inference and missing data, time series and functional data analysis, modeling of social networks, bioinformatics, statistical genetics, longitudinal data, and multilevel modeling. Faculty collaborate actively with investigators in several areas, including cancer prevention and screening, genomics and bioinformatics, neurosciences, social science and health policy, behavioral genetics, and HIV/AIDS.

fifth-year masters program for Brown undergraduates is also available.

Partial financial aid is available in the form of tuition scholarships and research apprenticeships. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. To receive full consideration for financial aid, apply by February 1.

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