Laura Bennett

Core Network Manager, Dancing Legacy Director
401 863 3488 
Contact for American Dance Legacy Initative

Raina Fox


Amelia Grabowski


Jenna Legault

Center Manager
401 863 1177 
Contact for  finance and administration, programming, graduate program and admissions, visiting & general information, web feedback  

Steven Lubar

Director, Professor of American Studies and History
401 863 6115 
Contact for academic programs, the M.A. in public humanities, and fellowships 

Ronald Potvin

Assistant Director for Professional Programs
 401 863 5312
Contact for Nightingale-Brown House or its collections, use of exhibit galleries, or community jobs

Annie Valk

Deputy Director
401 863 1396 
Contact for public programs, collaborative projects, and the public humanities practicum program 

Spring 2014 Faculty and Fellows

Rick Benjamin

Adjunct Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies and Public Humanities
AMST 2691:  Poetry in Service to Schools and the Community

Holly Ewald

Adjunct Instructor in Public Humanities
AMST 21903G: Oral History and Community Memory

Gayle Gifford

Adjunct Assistant Proffesor in Public Humanities
AMST 2690 Management of Cultural Institutions

Steve Lubar

Professor of American Studies and History
AMST 2540 Methods in Public Humanities
Tel. 401 863 6115

Lara Stein Pardo

Post-doctoral Research Associate in Public Humanities
AMST 1903J: Art and Anthropology
Tel: 401 863 1011

Anne Valk
Adjunct Associate Professor of American Studies 
AMST 1903G: Oral History and Community Memory
Tel. 401 863 1396




Public Humanities Events