MA Program Ambassadors

To respond to a curious public, we've elected a group of students, each with different interests and backgrounds, who are willing to serve as MA program ambassadors.  Please contact the students below if you are interested in a students' perspective on the MA program and what the Public Humanities means to them and their professional goals.  The Ambassadors can also assist prospective students or general visitors with logistics for campus visits, including liaising with Public Humanities faculty to arrange for class visits, and facilitating introductions with Center staff and other students.

Laura Mitchell, Second-year MA in Public Humanities Candidate
(Interests: Cultural networks, interdisciplinary projects)

My interests lie in the development of creative networks and the ways in which educational and cultural institutions intersect with other facets of public life. Before coming to Brown, I explored these intersections through coursework that spanned the fields of history, art history, civic engagement, urban planning, and language, as well as through work with diverse cultural institutions and agencies. I was drawn to the Public Humanities program because of its versatile and forward-thinking offerings, which allow students to shape the program around their interests and to immerse themselves in projects both at Brown and in the wider community. Given my broad interests and my focus on networked culture and interdisciplinary projects, the ability to simultaneously study and work with many types of organizations presents an incredible opportunity. While at Brown, I hope to explore aspects of public humanities that range from digital humanities to public programming, with the aim of pursuing a career that fosters cultural participation and learning.

Jessica Palinski, Second-Year MA in Public Humanities Candidate
(Interests: artists, museums and cultural institutions)
Jessica PalinskiJessica PalinskiComing from a fine arts background, I am intrigued by the idea that artists could draw inspiration from museums, galleries, and other public art spaces. At Brown, my primary interests are exploring and developing exhibitions that serve this purpose, providing access to materials and information via narratives that strive to inspire rather than merely instruct. I received a BFA in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design, where my work juxtaposed the past and the present in mixed media pieces composed using negatives from the early 20th century and contemporary photographs and processes. Working with historic images at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum helped deepen my understanding of the impact of history on art, and further galvanized me to study inspiration and the ways that art of the past informs our present. Through study at Brown and work with local cultural institutions such as the Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art, I hope to remind artists and the community that art institutions remain vital and relevant in a world where van Gogh could live in one’s pocket.

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