Biomimicry Exhibit: Call for Submissions

Nature and its systems are at work all around us, and these systems are governed by forces that constantly evolve towards maximum efficiency, both in the grace and economy of its mechanisms and the large-scale closed loop of material and energy usage.

In the world of design, using biomimicry means incorporating elements of an organically occurring system.  Olympic swimsuits are based on sleek shark skin; the bumps on a whale’s fin are incorporated into tidal turbines to reduce drag; tall office buildings are built with big thermal masses, like termite mounds, to reduce the need for air conditioning. 

We seek to curate a selection of works from the Brown and RISD community that illustrate forms of biomimicry. We will accept work from all disciplines, as long as it can be documented for two-dimensional display.  Video submissions will also be accepted.  The exhibition will be shown during the spring semester in the Science Center, and will be paired with a series of events and speakers.  Many students from all disciplines pass through the Science Center for studying, meetings, and advising - we hope that we can include your work for display and enrichment in this community.