Graphene - The Latest Installment of the SciToons Series

Ever been bothered by an ultra-slow download? How about a phone that won’t stay charged or a cracked touchscreen? Imagine you were stranded on an island with nothing to drink. Graphene, a Nobel winning supermaterial, has the potential to solve these problems. (Distributed August 13, 2014)

Cohen Gallery Exhibit: Dispersion, an installation by Daniel Clayman

Light passing through any transparent material is assigned an Abbe Value, a mathematical number expressing how much light is dispersed upon passing through a material with a particular refractive index. Working with the Abbe Value and the ensuing quality of light, Dispersion becomes three things at once: a lens projecting and bending light, a filter changing the color and pattern and an object that redefines the space through its towering presence. As the light shines through the antique glass a stage set is born. 
(Distributed June 19, 2014)

Health Careers Peer Advisors 2013-2014: Call for Applications

The Health Careers Peer Advisors (HCPAs) are experienced health careers students who are available to provide advice to their fellow students about the intricacies of pre-health and medicine studies at Brown. The HCPAs hold weekly peer advising hours in Sci-Li 303 and take a leading role in organizing two events per semester to address the needs of First-Year and Sophomore students interested in the health professions. (Distributed April 22, 2014)

FAST Fellowship Program

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) is the largest state agricultural agency in the United States.  The FAST (Florida Agricultural Science and Technology) Fellowship Program is an exciting opportunity for recent college graduates in the science field to gain top-notch experience in the laboratory.  This is a paid, two-year program in our state-of-the art laboratory located in Tallahassee, Florida.  The program has variety of opportunities for graduates at all levels (Bachelors, Masters, and PhD) to gain hands-on experience on cutting edge equip (Distributed April 18, 2014)