The Triple Helix: Balancing Family and Science: A Conversation with Dr. Sharon Swartz

A Science Cafe with The Triple Helix and the Science Center
When: February 19, 12-1PM
Where: Science Center, 3rd Floor Sciences Library
*Free Pizza!*

Balancing Family and Science: A Conversation with Dr. Sharon Swartz

Dr. Sharon Swartz, a professor in the Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology and the School of Engineering at Brown, will lead a
conversation about the complex challenges of combining a career in
science with family life. We'll talk about timing of professional and (Distributed February 15, 2014)

BIOMIMICRY: A Call for Submissions

From the classic hand turkey to Velcro to complex nanotubes drawing on viral capsids -- humans have been looking to nature for answers for many moons. Are you one of them? In the world of design, using biomimicry means incorporating elements of an organically occurring system.

(Distributed February 12, 2014)

Science Underground: Sharing Science in Unexpected Places

Conversations about science are often contained to lecture halls, laboratories, and libraries. The dialogue stays within scientist to scientist, and people outside academia often have no idea what their local scientists are doing. The Science Café event series is a global initiative that wants to change this idea. As a grassroots movement that started in Europe, Science Cafés take science out of inclusive academia and transplants it into a local pub, bookstore, library, or coffee shop.

(Distributed February 7, 2014)