Lesson Schedule

All lessons will be held in either Barus & Holley or the Multidisciplinary Laboratory (MDL) located in the Biomedical Center at Brown. (See location & directions for more information). The schedule of lessons is tentative and subject to change - check the front page and your email regularly for updates and announcements.

Spring 2014 Lesson Schedule

Date Lesson Location
2/22/14 Winter Olympics Barus & Holley
3/1/14 Intro to Immunology Barus & Holley
3/8/14 Bones (guest speaker) Biomed Center
3/15/14 Hydrogen fuel cell cars Barus & Holley
4/5/14 College Prep Barus & Holley
4/19/14 Virtual Heart Dissection Barus & Holley
4/26/14 Symposium Day Barus & Holley
5/3/14 Symposium Day Barus & Holley