Graduate Students

Tatiana Andia Rey
Political Economy of Development; Trade & Development; Health & Medical Sociology; IPRs and Access to Health

Marcelo Bohrt Seeghers
Ethnic and Social Inequality; Political Sociology; Latin America

Aisalkyn Botoeva
Economic Sociology; Organizational Sociology; Political Economy of Development; Central Asia

Jennifer Bouek
Health & Medical Sociology, Health Disparities, Inequality, Nutrition, Food Insecurity, Gender 

Karida Brown
Inequality, Organizations

Meg Caven
Education, Social Stratification, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Organizations, Public Policy, Political Sociology  

David Ciplet
Global Political Economy; Development; Environmental Sociology; Climate Change Policy; Environmental Justice

Joshua Eubank
Development, Labor; Political Sociology; Urban Sociology; Ethnography

Diana Graizbord
Political Sociology; Sociology of Development; Sociology of Knowledge & Expertise; Social Policy; Latin America 

Ricarda Hammer
Social Theory, Cultural Sociology, Economic Sociology, Ethnography, Latin America 

Weeam Hammoudeh 
Nuptiality and Fertility Patterns; Family Formation, Gender & Health; Quality of Life; Health Inequalities

Yara Jarallah
Marriage Patterns; Family Formation; Migration and Refugees; Population; Health; Gender

Tania Jenkins 
Medical Sociology; Professions; Intra-Professional Inequality; Ethnography; Sociological Theory

Meghan Kallman 
Organizations; Development; Ethnicity

Peter Taylor Klein
Political Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Urban Sociology; Globalization and Development; Qualitative Methods; Inequality; Brazil 

Juho Korhonen
Development; Historical Sociology; Historiography; Sociology of Empires; Nationalism; Sociology of Knowledge; World-Systems Analysis  

Juyoung Lee 
Development; Political Sociology; Ethnicity

Zhen Liu
Social Demography; Urban Sociology; Migration; Health inequality; Africa; China; Asian Immigrants; Statistical Methods; Spatial Sociology

Johnnie Anne Lotesta 
Political Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge & Expertise; Comparative Historical Sociology  

Patrick Mayne 
Medical Sociology; Urban Sociology; Migration

Jamie McPike 
Urban Sociology; Political Sociology; Development and Political Economy; Comparative Urban Studies; South Asia 

Margaret Mulcahy 
Environmental Justice; Environmental Health; Food Movements

Michael Warren Murphy
Environment; Sociological Theory; Political Economy; Race and Ethnicity; Inequality; Comparative, Historical, and Ethnographic Analysis 

Aaron Niznik 
Environmental Sociology; Political Sociology; Social Movements; Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Theory

Irene Pang 
Development, citizenship, dynamics of capitalism, comparative research, China, India

Tina M. Park
Urban Sociology, Urban Economics, Housing, Race and Ethnicity, Asian Americans, Immigration, Inequality, Quantitative Methods

Jessica Pollack
Cultural Sociology; Cultural Policy; Social Capital; Civic Engagement; Narrative Theories; Community Identity; Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Apollonya Porcelli
Environmental Sociology; Coupled Human and Natural Systems; New England Fisheries; Sociology of Science 

Meredith Pustell
Medical Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Movements

Heather Randell 
Environmental Sociology, Migration, Social Demography, Brazil, Development-induced Displacement, Forced Migration, East Africa 

Ayalu Alex Reda
Population Studies and Health: Reproductive Demography, Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS and other infections having a population level impact, Family Planning and Contraception, Adolescent Transition to Adulthood

Michael Rodriguez 
Cultural Sociology; Sociology of Knowledge; Ethnicity and Race; Political Sociology; Pan-Latino Identities

Yibing Shen 
Comparative & Historical Sociology, Theory 

Dana Smiles 
Gender; Demography; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Social Determinants of Health; Transition to Adulthood; Education

Kimberly Stephens 
Organizational Sociology; Law 

Amy Teller 
Environmental Sociology; Social Inequality; Population and Environment; Agriculture; East Africa; Sociology of Science and Knowledge; Coupled Natural-Human Systems 

Yashas Vaidya
Social Demography; Urban Sociology; Political Economy of Development

Zachary Wilmot
Comparative Historical Sociology, Social Stratification and Inequality, Globalization and Development, Middle East, Theory

Mujun Zhou 
Political Sociology; Development; Civil Society in Urban China