Transfer Credit

Students who are leaving to study abroad

Before you leave to study in another place, we will grant preliminary approval for transfer credit work done in sociology. The final approval for this credit is granted after you return. To receive preliminary approval, drop off both your form and a description of your classes in the specified box in room 101, Maxcy Hall. You can pick up your form one week later from the same place.

When you return from abroad, we will need to review your transcript, syllabus, coursework, and any course notes before final approval can be granted. So save these materials; do not send them back home through the mail.

Students who are returning from abroad

You will have to visit the office hours of undergraduate committee member Professor Michael Kennedy. Remember to bring your transcript with grades, syllabus, coursework, and any course notes.

Decisions about granting transfer credit are based on two criteria:

Is the course a sociology course?

Many courses in history, cultural studies, anthropology, or other departments may be similar enough to American sociology that we would consider sociology credit appropriate. At the same time, many "sociology" departments abroad cover areas that we consider more in line with other disciplines or concentrations.

Is the coursework equivalent to what you would do for a course at Brown?

Of course we recognize that you're not doing the course at Brown, but often in a foreign setting that has its own sets of challenges and delights, we still need to know that full course credit is warranted for the work you did.

Independent Studies and Field Courses

We often award course credit for these components of study abroad programs. The amount of credit depends on the amount of time and work that was involved. Many SIT programs only award 2 credits to field study methods seminars (compared to 4-8 for regular courses), even though they may last 8-10 weeks. Conversely, the "independent study" segment may only last 4 weeks but are given 4 credits because it builds on the field study seminar, home study, and other field experience. What we sometimes do in this case is to fold the two together, awarding credits for the 2 courses. This would depend in part on whether your independent study involved a sociological topic.

We do not give a field study methods course credit equivalent to SOC 1020 (Methods of Social Research).