The following is a list of possible South Asian courses at Brown, beginning with those that will be offered in fall 2014. This list is not exhaustive, as any class, which allows the concentrator to complete a substantial final project on South Asia, may be counted towards the concentration requirements. Check course listings on BOCA for more information.

Fall 2014 Courses 

ANTH 1250 S01 - Film and Anthropology: Identity and Images of Indian Societies 
ANTH 1900 S02 - History of Anthropology: Anthropological Theories 
ANTH 1940 S01 - Ethnographic Research Methods 
ANTH 2315 S01 - Anthropology of State Power and Powerlessness
CLAS 1160 S01 - Classics of Indian Literature
ENGL 1711F S01 - India in English
HIST 1461 S01 - Afghanistan: Crossroads of Empires to America's Longest War
HIST 1580 S01 - Gandhi's India: South Asia Before 1947
HIST 2981I S01 - Theory from the South
HNDI 0100 - Beginning Hindi-Urdu
HNDI 0300 - Intermediate Hindi-Urdu
HNDI 1080 - Advanced Hindi-Urdu 
INTL 1801M - Globalization and the Rise of Asia 
PRSN 0100 - Basic Persian  
PRSN 0300 - Intermediate Persian Language and Culture
PRSN 0500 - Advanced Persian Language and Culture
PRSN 1200 - Iranian Cinema: Before and After the Islamic Revolution
RELS 0130 - Religions of Classical India 
RELS 0150 - Islam Unveiled
RELS 0500 L01 - The Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation
RELS 0500 S01 - The Theory and Practice of Buddhist Meditation
SANS 0100 - Elementary Sanskrit I
SANS 0300 - Sanskrit Epic Narrative
SANS 1020 - Early Sanskrit Philosophy and Religion 
SCSO 1700C - Science and Technology Policy in the Global South 
TAPS 1230 - Performance Theory: Ritual, Play and Drama in Context

RISD Fall 2014 Courses 

GRAPH 3268 - Asian Book Arts 
HAVC H531  - Sensous and Sacred: The Art and Culture of India (WINTER) 
HAVC H656 - World Textiles: Trade, Traditions, Techniques

HPSS S519 - Women in Asia