Public Opinion Polls

The Taubman Center conducts quarterly public opinion surveys of Rhode Island voters on a wide variety of topics.

Rhode Island State Survey, June 2005

A statewide survey of 470 Rhode Island voters conducted June 25-27, 2005 finds that former Rhode Island Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse would give incumbent Lincoln Chafee a competitive run in a U.S.

Brett M. Clifton

Rhode Island State Survey, February 2005

A statewide survey of 384 Rhode Island voters conducted February 12-13, 2005 finds Representative James Langevin would lead Senator Lincoln Chafee in a U.S. Senate race, and Governor Don Carcieri leads all challengers.  In sports, one-third of Rhode Islanders expect the Red Sox to repeat as World Series champions; Red Sox fans outnumber Yankees fans six to one; and a majority considers the Patriots a dynasty and expects another Super Bowl victory.

Darrell M. West

Providence City Survey, September 2004

A public opinion survey of 432 adults in Providence indicates that more than two-thirds of city residents are not worried about a terrorist attack harming them or a family member next year.  Twenty-eight percent say they keep emergency supplies on hand, and 41 percent say they try to watch out for people who look or act like terrorists.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, June 2004

A statewide survey of 477 voters conducted June 12-14, 2004 also finds John Kerry with a big lead over President George W. Bush.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, October 2002

A survey of 418 statewide voters conducted October 19-21 also finds Democrat Myrth York leading Republican Don Carcieri, and a majority of voters feeling the state is headed in the wrong direction.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, September 2002

A survey of 437 likely Rhode Island Democratic primary voters conducted August 31-September 2 finds voters favor Myrth York over Sheldon Whitehouse and Antonio Pires in the race for governor. In the race for secretary of state, voters favor Matt Brown over incumbent Ed Inman, with more than half the voters undecided.

Darrell M. West

Providence City Survey, September 2002

A survey of 688 Providence voters conducted September 14 to 22 finds a big margin for David Cicilline over his general election rivals. Minorities, however, feel that they have too little political power in Providence.

Darrell M. West

Rhode Island State Survey, March 2002

A new poll administered by Brown University students in
conjunction with Professor Jennifer Lawless, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, finds that Senator Hillary Clinton’s lead over Senator Barack Obama in Rhode Island has narrowed.

Professor Jennifer Lawless
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