American Dance Legacy Initiative

The American Dance Legacy Initiative, housed at Brown's John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities & Cultural Heritage, develops repertory, documentaries, educational resources, and programs on American dance. The Initiative was co-founded by Julie Strandberg.

Through its materials and programs, the ADLI: Gathers and preserves archival materials on American dance artists through interactive projects involving dance artists, students, teachers, archivists, and computer scientists; Assists dance artists in the development, presentation, and preservation of their work; provides meaningful interaction between professional dance artists and dance students; supports excellence in dance education by providing teachers with dance materials, methodologies, and assessment tools; fosters exploration of personal and cultural identity through kinesthetic experiences.

ADLI produces innovative materials and programs designed to engage artists, educators, and the general public with participatory viewing and dancing experiences by:

  • developing and sharing the Repertory Etudes Collection
  • offering residencies that build literacy, investigate authenticity, and nurture an individual relationship to dance
  • providing professional development for practitioners in dance, arts, and cultural heritage
  • producing events designed to engage participants with multiple points of entry