Dance in/and the Humanities: a Mellon Summer Seminar, Public Discussions

June 19, 2013

Dance in/and the Humanities: a Mellon Summer Seminar, Public Discussions on the state of Dance Studies from within and without, from 9am-noon and from 2-5pm, Englander Studio, Granoff Creative Arts Center

 “Dance Studies in/and the Humanities” is a multi-school, multi-year initiative designed to advance the field of dance studies. Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the project appoints postdoctoral fellows in dance studies at Brown University, Northwestern University, and Stanford University over a four-year period from 2012-13 through 2015-16.

On Wednesday, June 19, the 2013 seminar opens up at Brown University with two public roundtable conversations in the Granoff Creative Arts Center focusing on current pedagogies coming from within the field of dance as well as scholars who have incorporated dance studies into their research.  Of interest to scholars and practitioners alike, these two conversations will leave space for the audience to engage with the panel in open discussion.

9am-12pm:  Inside Dance Studies

The state of the field from “within” moderated by Rebecca Schneider (Brown) with Andre Lepecki (New York University), Mark Franko (Temple University), Susam Manning (Northwestern), Janice Ross (Stanford), and Julie Strandberg (Brown). Senior scholars and practioners will offer orienting comments on what they deem to be major issues facing the field as “field,” exciting arenas for “development,” or the promises and challenges of Dance Studies in relationship to disciplinary formation in the University. To be followed by open discussion.

2pm-5pm:  Beside Dance Studies

A roundtable on the study of dance across a series of interdisciplinary affiliations. Scholars will discuss the challenges they face “outside” and “inside” dance studies (or dismiss outside/inside for other orientations), and expand discussion from the morning by responding to the previous panel from other, compatriot fields. The panel will be moderated by Susan Manning and will include Rebecca Schneider (Brown, Performance Studies), Nadine George (UCSD, Theatre Studies), Kiri Miller (Brown, Music), Michelle Clayton (Brown, Hispanic Studies). Followed by open discussion.