El Grito del Bronx

El Grito del BronxEl Grito del Bronx















Lulu Colón has a crisis of faith as her wedding day nears; can she look deeply into the rage and violence living inside her murderous brother and still believe in a future with a loving and peaceful soul?  With her searing gaze, nationally acclaimed playwright Migdalia Cruz takes us through a poetic and shocking tale of a brother and sister seeking a transfusion of love while battling the darkness inflicted on their bruised hearts.  Using the transformative power of a theater of images, El Grito del Bronx is a haunting play that is also a brilliant cry for freedom from abuse, hate and racism.



El Grito del Bronx

By Migdalia Cruz
Directed by Ken Prestininzi

April 3-6 & 8-10

Leeds Theatre