Kaspar posterKaspar posterKaspar

by Peter Handke 
directed by Ioana Jucan '11

December 2-5
Thursday-Saturday @ 8:00pm, Sunday @ 2:00pm
Leeds Theatre
Senior Slot Production for 2010-11


“I think I must have slept a long time because I am awake now,” says Kaspar, one of the Kaspars inbKaspar, a hypnotic treatise on language and humanity.  Kaspar is nearly-blank, nearly-innocent, and must be molded and formed into personhood by the Prompters.  “In my story I only wanted to make a noise with my first sentence,” he says, but through the power of words, Kaspar achieves much more.  A beautifully inaccurate telling of the life of Kaspar Hauser, Kaspar leaves its audience with much to talk about. 

Kaspar is the 2010-11 Senior Slot production, directed by Ioana Jucan ’11. Find out more about this production on the official show blog, at kaspar2010.blogspot.com.