Lindsay Goss

Lindsay GossLindsay GossLindsay Goss is a fifth-year PhD candidate in Theater  and  Performance Studies at Brown University.  Her research cuts across theatre historiography, labor history, political theory, and affect studies, in order to explore the terms according to which politically motivated performance practices appear or fail to appear in histories of theater, performance, and political protest in the US, Europe, and Iran.  Her dissertation, "'The Show Was a Riot': Violence and Solidarity in Political Performance, 1968-72"  theorizes the ways in which the spatial and temporal specificity of theater practice provides (political) actors with a space-time of and under threat. Tracing the politics and practices of Black revolutionary playwrights, Jane Fonda’s anti-war variety show, which played to thousands of active-duty GIs, and the practice of établissement in France and Italy, this thesis treats the question of the tactical performance, onstage and off. The study argues that the often unacknowledged political perspectives underpinning contemporary discussions of 1960s and ‘70s radical performance serve to limit our analysis of that period by excluding the threatening in favor of the utopian. Her other research interests include theater and performance in the Middle East, in particular the history of ta'ziyeh in Iran.

Lindsay Goss received her BA in English Literature from Macalester College in 2004. Since, she has worked as a performer, director, and teaching artist in Minneapolis, New York, and Providence.