Margaret Wertheim Schedule of Public Events

Margaret Wertheim's residency runs from Monday through Thursday, April 14-17. Some events require registration. 

Hyperbolic Space WorkshopHyperbolic Space WorkshopAll events are free thanks to generous support from the Brown Creative Arts Council, the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, The Office of the President, The Humanities Initiative, Dean of the Faculty, Pembroke, the Environmental Change Initiative and the departments of History, Science and Technology Studies, Mathematics and Applied Math.

Schedule of Events

Monday, April 14

Margaret Wertheim Lecture: Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center at 5pm

 Reefs, Rubbish and Reason: Bringing art and science together in the age of global warming.

At a time when climate-change denial is at a peak, humanity urgently needs positive messages for social change. In 2006, as an aesthetic response to global warming, twin sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim sat down to crochet a coral reef in their Los Angeles living room. Today their Crochet Coral Reef project is perhaps the largest art + science endeavor on the planet, with more than 7000 active participants worldwide and more than 3 million exhibition visitors. In this talk, artist, writer and curator Margaret Wertheim will discuss the Crochet Coral Reef project and its unlikely conjunction of art, science, environmentalism and geometry. Tracing a line from sea slugs to general relativity and ocean acidification, Wertheim will raise the possibility that this nexus of art and science may encourage a shift in consciousness about humanity's role in the ecological future of our planet.

 Tuesday April 15

Hands-on Workshop in Fractal Origami in John Street Studio, corner of John and Brook streets from 2-5pm (registration required.)

In this hands-on workshop at the intersection of mathematics and aesthetics, students will learn the principles behind the objects known as fractals by constructing a variety of fractal forms out of business cards. Using beautifully designed, electrically colored, business cards, we will explore the revolution in fractional geometry and discuss what it means for an object to exist in one, two, or three dimensional space - and maybe somewhere in between. Materials will be supplied.

Exhibit and Reception at John Street Studio at 6pm

This exhibition will feature work by students and visiting artists who have come to Brown this spring to work on the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies interdisciplinary research and performance projects. These include: PearlDamour, interdisciplinary artists;  Everett, dance theatre company based in Rhode Island; and a range of speakers, artists and practitioners involved in Widening the Circle.

Wednesday April 16

Hands on Workshop in Making Hyperbolic Space at Leeds Theatre, 83 Waterman Street from 4-6pm (registration required.)

In this hands-on workshop students will construct gorgeously colored paper models of hyperbolic space. In the process we'll explore the foundations of geometry and learn about the difference between Euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic space. Materials will be supplied including coffee and snacks.

 Thursday April 17

Closing panel/conversation moderated by Cornelia Dean,  at ICERM from 1:30-3:30pm (registration required)

At the closing conversation, Cornelia Dean, faculty in Environmental Studies and science writer at the New York Times will lead a conversation with Margaret Wertheim  reflecting on issues and ideas that were raised through the week.