Michelle Liu Carriger

Michelle Liu CarrigerMichelle Liu CarrigerMichelle Liu Carriger was born in Topeka, Kansas, and made her way to Brown via a BA Magna cum Laude at Pepperdine University, a two-year stint teaching English to every kid ages 4 to 15 in Kawabe Village Japan, and an MA in Theatre Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. At Boulder, she completed a thesis entitled "Performers in the Audience: The Boulton and Park Case of 1870-71." Her ATHE debut panel paper (LGBT focus group) on the same subject won the Theory and Criticism focus group Graduate Student Award in 2005. 

At Brown, Michelle's dissertation, entitled "Theatricality of the Closet: Clothing Controversy in Victorian Britain and Meiji Japan," examines fashion and the bodily performance of gender, sexuality, and race in the mid-Victorian period as well as the continued reverberations of the Victorian today. The British portion of her research was supported by a grant from the Paul Mellon Center for Studies in British Art in London. The first article excerpted from this work co-won the TDR (The Drama Review)
 Graduate Student Essay Contest Award for 2012 and will be published in a forthcoming issue of TDR. 

In between dissertating, Michelle served as a dramaturg for several Brown-Trinity Rep productions and composed devised performances and short films with fellow graduate students Molly Flynn and Elise Morrison under the title Cabaret Murderess. A practitioner of the Japanese Way of Tea ("tea ceremony") for over ten years,  she is in residence in Kyoto, Japan, as a recipient of the Midorikai fellowship to study Tea at the Urasenke Foundation, a traditional arts training program.