New Works/World Traditions

New Works: Road HomeNew Works: Road HomeNew Works/ World Traditions is an international performance troupe committed to utilizing the power of performance to educate, deliberate and inspire social engagement. Through research and cross-cultural exchange, New Works develops provocative theatrical experiences that address important political, public health and social landscapes. These new theatrical works exist at the intersection of science, art, and social activism.New Works actively tours through out the USA and West Africa to engage with communities in humanitarian projects devoted to cultural preservation, malaria prevention, environmental causes and educational advancement.

In past years, New Works has hosted The Rhythm of Change Festival, to assist resettled Burundi-Rwandan refugee populations, Haiti relief, a Malian orphanage, and numerous NGO's devoted to social justice and public healthcare initiatives. Comprised of Brown University faculty, alumni, current students, and professional Malian and American artist-activists, New Works has developed over 35 new works for the concert stage, in the schools, and for film.

New Works performing Crude, 2009New Works performing Crude, 2009