Sock & Buskin Season Archive

Sock and Buskin show posters of the pastSock and Buskin show posters of the past

2012-13 Season

Kiss of the Spider Woman
The Bluest Eye
Straight White Men
Festival of Dance

2011-12 Season

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde
Lady Windermere's Fan
Dead City
We Can Rebuild Him
A Perfect Wedding
Brown Festival of Dance

2010-11 Season

A Lie of the Mind
As You Like It
Brown Festival of Dance

2009-2010 Season

Leavittsburg, Ohio
Doris to Darlene
The Cook
Brown Festival of Dance 

2008-2009 Season

Funnyhouse of a Negro
The Changeling
Death and the King's Horseman
The Other Shore
Brown Festival of Dance

2007 - 2008 Season

City of Angels
Melancholy Play
Peer Gynt
...and Jesus moonwalks the Mississippi
Brown Festival of Dance

2006-2007 Season

Much Ado About Nothing
Hot 'N' Throbbing
Pursuit of History
Merrily We Roll Along
The Blind
Brown Festival of Dance

2005-2006 Season

The Greeks/The Murders
Moon Mary
Red Herring
The Hungry Woman

2004-2005 Season

Anna in the Tropics
Fucking A
Measure for Measure
Compleat Female Stage Beauty

2003-2004 Season

2002-2003 Season

2001-2002 Season

Design for Living
Moliere or The Union of Hypocrites
Our Town

2000-2001 Season

Moon Under Miami
King Lear

1999-2000 Season

A Flea in Her Ear
Passion Play
Happy End
Angels in America

1998-1999 Season

Camino Real
The Three Sisters
An Irish Play

1997-1998 Season

Boys' Life
Las Meninas
Sweeney Todd

1996-1997 Season

The Colored Museum
Our Country's Good

1995-1996 Season

An Ideal Husband
Once on this Island

1994-1995 Season

The Illusion
Orpheus Descending
The Way of the World

1993-1994 Season

West Side Story
Tales of the Lost Formicans
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Buried Child

1992-1993 Season

Spell #7
The Love of the Nightingale
Imagine Drowning

1991-1992 Season

Landscape of the Body
Mad Forest
The Duchess of Malfi

1990-1991 Season

The Importance of Being Earnest
Execution of Justice
Unfinished Women Cry in No Man's Land while a Bird Dies in a Gilded Cage
The Musical Winter's Tale

1989-1990 Season

Vinegar Tom
Holy Ghosts
Richard III 

1988-1989 Season

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Mariage Blanc
Mrs. Warren's Profession

1987-1988 Season

You Can't Take it With You
Uncle Vanya
Bonjour, La Bonjour

1986-1987 Season

The Slab Boys
Food for a Day or The Marriage of Figaro
The Philadelphia Story

1985-1986 Season

How I Got that Story 
Our Town
Top Girls
The Threepenny Opera
The Gossips
Childe Byron

1984-1985 Season

Boesman and Lena
A Little Night Music
Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth
Hedda Gabler
Spring Awakening

1983-1984 Season

The Rivals
The Lower Depths
The Glass of Water
Titus Andronicus
Marco Polo Sings a Solo

1982-1983 Season

Loose Ends
The Desert Song
Happy Days
Trojan Women
Short Eyes
A Streetcar Named Desire

1981-1982 Season

What the Butler Saw
Henry IV, Part 1
Dream Play
The Playboy of the Western World

1980-1981 Season

The Birthday Party 
Major Barbara
The Misanthrope
The Tempest
The Curse of the Starving Class

1979-1980 Season

The Vietnamization of New Jersey
Emilia Galotti
The Belle of Amherst
Forget-Me-Not Lane

1978-1979 Season

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Seagull
A Murder Has Been Arranged

1977-1978 Season

The Philanthropist
Romeo and Juliet
Man of La Mancha
The Hostage

1976-1977 Season

The Touch of the Poet
Secret Service
The Caucasian Chalk Circle
The Beaux Strategem

1975-1976 Season

The Servant of Two Masters
La Ronde
Look Homeward, Angel
The Hot L Baltimore

1974-1975 Season

The Real Inspector Hound
When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?
As You Like It

1973-1974 Season

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little
The Beggar's Opera
The Three Sisters
The House of Atreus

1972-1973 Season

The Merchant
Danton's Death
House of Blue Leaves

1971-1972 Season

Hedda Gabler
Life is a Dream
The Pirates of Penzance
The Balcony
Too True to be Good

1970-1971 Season

The Night of the Iguana
Romulus the Great
Mother Courage and her Children 
Much Ado About Nothing
The Journey of the Fifth Horse
The Serpent

1969-1970 Season

The Cherry Orchard
Clara's Ole Man and Home on the Range
The Fantasticks (Alumni Show)

1968-1969 Season

King Lear
A Flea in her Ear

1967-1968 Season

Henry V
Pal Joey
The Madwoman of Chaillot
Born Yesterday (alumni show)

1966-1967 Season

The Merchant of Venice
Sweet Bird of Youth
Once Upon a Mattress
Ubu Roi
The Knack (alumni show)

1965-1966 Season

Richard III
Guys and Dolls
The Queen and the Rebels
The Country Wife
Arsenic and Old Lace (alumni show)

1964-1965 Season

The Threepenny Opera
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad
Uncle Vanya
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Macbeth (alumni show)

1963-1964 Season

The Rivals
The Lark

1962-1963 Season

Under the Gaslight
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Tonight we Improvise
The Hasty Heart (alumni show)

1961-1962 Season

Measure for Measure
Kiss Me Kate
Mary Stuart
The Flies
Bus Stop
The Solid Gold Cadillac (alumni show)

1960-1961 Season

The Twelfth Night
The Crucible
Amphiryon 38
Blood Wedding
DamnYankees (alumni show)

1959-1960 Season

Romeo and Juliet
Anything Goes
The Would-Be Gentleman
The Caucasian Chalk Circle
The Rainmaker (alumni show)

1958-1959 Season

The Tempest
The Boyfriend
The Waltz of the Toreadors
The Cherry Orchard
A Visit to a Small Planet (alumni show)

1957-1958 Season

Richard II
Desire Under the Elms
The Plough and the Stars
The Beaux Stratagem
The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (alumni show)

1956-1957 Season

As You Like It
Finian's Rainbow
The Cretan Woman
Caesar and Cleopatra
Born Yesterday (alumni show)

1955-1956 Season

Much Ado About Nothing
Death of a Salesman
The Time of Your Life
The Imaginary Invalid
The Play's the Thing (alumni show)

1954-1955 Season

Stalag 17
Charley's Aunt
The Dark Lady of the Sonnets
The Man of Destiny

1953-1954 Season

Henry IV 
The House of Bernarda Alba
Hotel Universe
East Lynne of the Elopement (alumni show)

1952-1953 Season

The Beggar's Opera
Billy Budd
The Glass Menagerie
The Terrible Meek
Fair and Warmer 

1951-1952 Season

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Drunkard, or the Fallen Saved
They Knew What they Wanted (alumni show)
The Playboy of the Western World
The Terrible Meek
Mary of Scotland

1950-1951 Season

He Who Gets Slapped
No Exit
Our Boys

1949-1950 Season 

Richard III
School for Scandal
The Marquise (alumni show)
The Importance of Being Earnest

1948-1949 Season

The Shadow of a Gunman
The Dragon
Sherlock Holmes (alumni show)
Deirdre of the Sorrows
The Countess Cathleen

1947-1948 Season

Saint Joan
Androcles and the Lion
The Count of Monte Cristo (alumni show)
The Devil's Child
The Glory that Was
Arms and the Man

1946-1947 Season

The Merchant of Venice
The Affairs of Anatol
The Comedy of Errors
Everyman Reborn (alumni show)
Pas de Trois (alumni show)
The Infidelity of Mr. Milton (alumni show)
Romeo and Juliet
Twelfth Night

1945-1946 Season

Pygmalion and Galatea
The Game of Chess
The Dear Departed
As You Like It
Just Suppose
The Torch Bearers
Sir Patrick Spens
The Emperor Jones
Hello Out There
The Kind Lady

1944-1945 Season

The Ghost Train
Anna Christie (alumni show)
Clash by Night
Billy the Kid
Dangerous Corner

1943-1944 Season

Ladies in Retirement
The Play's the Thing
The Shining Hour
The Little Foxes
Night Must Fall

1942-1943 Season

East Lynne 
Revels' End
The Tempest
Burma Road
A Night at B.F. Keith's
Not a Fit Night
East of Eden
Come from Afar
As a God Self-Slain
The Tick-Tock Man (alumni show)
The Girl
In the Shadow of the Glen

1941-1942 Season

Riders to the Sea
Prologue to Key Largo
Caesar and Cleopatra
The Gift of Catpain Karakal
Tomorrow Never Comes
The Bull-Thrower
School for Wives
Hay Fever

1940-1941 Season

The Merry Wives of Windsor
The Devil is a Good Man
The Women Have their Way
The Fall of the City
The Marquise
My Heart's in the Highland 
Shore Acres (alumni show)
The Conscience of the King
One Spring Evening
Night of Taos

1939-1940 Season

Romeo and Juliet
Arms and the Man
The Petrified Forest
The Critic (alumni show)
They Shall Inherit the Earth
No Cry of Murder
The Right to Live
Bury the Dead

1938-1939 Season

Androcles and the Lion
Laughter of the Gods
Till the Day I Die
The Second Shepherd's Play
Under the Gas Light (alumni show)
A Touch of Frost
The Fabulous Land
Why Devils Cry to Heaven

1937-1938 Season

Outward Bound
The Monkey's Paw
A Question of Principle
The Hand of Siva
Beyond the Horizon
The School for Scandal
The Trojan Horse
The Dover Road

1936-1937 Season

The Beggar's Opera
Waiting for Lefty
Hymn to the Rising Sun
The Frogs
The Glittering Gate
The Still Alarm
The Hundred Nights
The Adding Machine
X Equals 0
Spring Sluicing
The Brink of Silence
L'aiglon, the Duke of Reichstadt

1935-1936 Season

Richard II
The Sailors of Cattaro
The Admirable Bashville
Ten Nights in a Bar Room (alumni show)
Pelleas and Melisande
Once a Thief
Woman's Crusade

1934-1935 Season

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Journey's End
Maitre Patelin
Bombastes Furioso
They Refuse to be Resurrected
The Game of Chess
The Two Orphans (alumni show)
Good Friday
Prince Friedrich Von Hamburg

1933-1934 Season

Richard III
The Play's the Thing
Rip Van Winkle (alumni show)
The Miser
Where the Cross is Made
The Lost Silk Hat
Fame and the Poet
The Servant in the House

1932-1933 Season

The Doctor in Spite of Himself
She Stoops to Conquer
The Taming of the Shrew
In Honor Bound
Lend me Five Shillings
The Importance of Being Earnest

1931-1932 Season

The Merchant of Venice
In the Zone
Bound East for Cardiff
Dr. Faustus
Camille (alumni show)
Sun Up

1930-1931 Season

The Glittering Gate
Just Two Men
The Beggar and the King
Gods of the Mountain
Captain of the Gate
Rising of the Moon
The Captives
The Ladies' Battle
Romeo and Juliet
Uncle Tom's Cabin (alumni show)

1929-1930 Season

The Silent Waiter
Four who were Blind
The Camberley Triangle (alumni show)
Aria de Capo
The Clod
The Monkey's Paw
The Violin Maker of Cremona
The Lady of Lyons (alumni show)
Julius Caesar
Les Romanesque

1928-1929 Season

The Brink of Silence
Helena's Husband
The Mistress of the Inn
The Terrible Meek
School for Wives

1927-1928 Season

Golden Doom
King Argimenes and Unknown Warrior
All's Well that Ends Well
The Valiant
Two Gentlement of Soho
East Lynne (alumni revival)
Don Caesar de Basan
The Two Thieves

1926-1927 Season

Little Father of the Wilderness
Game of Chess
Venice, Preserved
When Two's Not Company
The Noble Lord
The Wasp
In the Morgue
Pygmalion and Galatea

1925-1926 Season

The Third Candle
East of Eden
The Criitic
The Doctor in Spite of Himself
The Menaechmi
X Equals 0

1924-1925 Season

The Tents of the Arabs
King Henry VIII
Androcles and the Lion

1923-1924 Season

The Judgmentof Indra
The Wasp
Measure for Measure
The Duchess of Padua
Children of Fear
The PRivate Secretary

1922-1923 Season

Fame and the Poet
Oedipus Rex
The Silver Box
A Good Woman
The Finger of God
The Constant Lover
Suppressed Desires

1921-1922 Season

The Other Voice
The Brink of Silence
The Woman in the Room
The Nihilists
The Live Ghosts

1920-1921 Season

The Voice
The Rose and the Ring
The Gods of the Mountain
The Glittering Gate
Allison's Lad
David Garrick

1919-1920 Season

Not on the Program
Miss Civilization
Nothing but the Truth

1919-1920 Season

Not on the Program
Miss Civilization
Nothing but the Truth

1918-1919 Season

Spreading the News
The Man who Married a Dumb Wife
Suppressed Desires

1917-1918 Season

The Work-House Ward
The Lost Silk Hat

1916-1917 Season

A Race for a Widow

1915-1916 Season

Arms and the Man

1914-1915 Season

Ici on Parle Francais
Miss Civilization
When we Were Twenty-One

1913-1914 Season

Katherine and Petruchio
You Never Can Tell

1912-1913 Season

Facing the Music

1911-1912 Season

My Next Turn
The Magistrate

1910-1911 Season

The Rivals

1909-1910 Season

The School for Scandal

1908-1909 Season

A Quiet Family
The Importance of Being Earnest

1907-1908 Season


1906-1907 Season

The Private Secretary


A Woman’s Wont
She Stoops to Conquer

1904-1905 Season

Charley’s Aunt

1903-1904 Season

The Rivals

1902-1903 Season

The Cool Collegians
The Snowball
Prexy’s Proxy

1901-1902 Season

What Came of It – a curtain raiser to Our Boys
Our Boys