Academic Events

Across the academic year, the Department hosts a large volume of diverse faculty and student sponsored academic and community events. These events includes conversations, workshops, film screenings, and lectures around current research, ideas and issues in theatre, performance studies and dance. Although the program of academic events is constantly evolving, some events and event series are consistent across each academic year.

All That Rises brings together international guests as a means of illuminating global perspectives. The annual fall event series has a special interest in artists who work towards social change - who view creative writing in continuum with the social sciences and advocacy for justice.

Arts in the One World is an annual gathering that brings together students, faculty, artists, and activists to explore the ways in which the artistic and the political can work together. The event has taken myriad forms over the years but always explores the various ways artistic, political, and historical purposes intersect. The aim is for participants to come out of the conference with new collaborations, new maps, new actions.

Graduate Colloquium Series is an internally focused series of discussions aimed at deepening a mutual understanding of the current doctoral student body's research.