Study Abroad

Study Abroad

“For me, IHP was an incredible experience.  It gave me the opportunity to apply what I've learned at Brown to the real world, in the context of global, developing cities.  The experiential learning was great.  I was able to see with my own eyes the things I'd known were there all along, as well as the things I didn't know.” 
-- Sam Askin, ’13 Senior Urban Studies Concentrator

From 2008 to 2012, 54 Urban Studies concentrators have studied abroad.  They most recently have participated in the following Study Abroad programs:

Arcadia in Ireland: Dublin (English) (Now Brown in Ireland: Dublin)
Brown in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Portuguese)
Brown in Paris and Lyon, France (requires advanced French)
Brown in Barcelona, Spain (requires advanced Spanish)
Brown in the UK (University College London, King’s College, University of Edinburgh, Queen Mary University of London) (English)
Cornell in Rome (English)
Council on International Educational Exchange: Amsterdam (course in Dutch while there), Buenos Aires (all course work in Spanish), Chile (all course work in Spanish)
Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) in Copenhagen (take Danish while there but all course work is in English)
International Honors Program (IHP): Cities of the 21st Century (English)
Middlebury in Russia (requires Russian)
Syracuse in Florence, Italy (course in Italian while there and course work can be in either Italian or English)

Urban Studies concentrators may also be interested in Brown's Global Independent Study Project (GLISP). 

Brown Programs:

Brown in Barcelona: (requires advanced Spanish)
Brown in Berlin, Germany (requires three semesters of German, though upper level classes may be taken in English)
Brown in Bologna, Italy (requires three semesters of Italian)
Brown in Delhi, India (study in English with a beginning level of Hindi language)
Brown in Dublin, Ireland (English)
Brown in Granada, Spain (requires no language-start as a beginner)
Brown in Havana, Cuba (requires advanced Spanish)
Brown in Hong Kong (one Chinese course and the rest of the courses are in English; you may start as a beginner)
Brown in Kyoto, Japan (requires advanced Japanese)
Brown in Lyon, France (requires advanced French)
Brown in Paris, France (requires advanced French)
Brown in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland and Wales) (Note: as many as 70 programs in the United Kingdom, all in English)

*SPECIAL NOTE: There are summer programs through Brown as well:
Barcelona, Spain
(Islam Modernity: English)
Bologna, Italy (Cinema: English)
Comillas, Spain (Studio Art: English)
St. Petersburg, Russia (Language and Culture: Russian: 1st and 2nd year levels)

Additional Study Abroad programs that offer urban and regional studies: 

Arcadia University
Boston University
Butler University
Columbia University
School for International Training (SIT)
Syracuse University

Brown Urban Studies students may pursue worldwide study in over 130 other programs

You can find more information at the Office of International Programs.

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