Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

The Urban Studies DUG is a student-run organization of concentrators who sponsor a variety of activities and contribute to a vibrant departmental life.  The DUG may host speakers, screen urban-related films, go on field trips, or offer tours to the Brown and Providence community.

Concentrators also help organize conferences on urban affairs. In 2012, the DUG organized a two-day conference, “City Off the Hill,” that convened local practitioners, Urban Studies alumni, and concentrators to discuss comprehensive solutions to interconnected issues related to the environment, transportation, and housing.

Student editors publish the annual Urban Studies Newsletter every spring as a journal of urban-related news and articles for Urban Studies concentrators, alumni, faculty and friends. 

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The 2014-2015 DUG leaders are Jenna Klorfein and Andrew Brown.

 The DUG is selling Urban Studies t-shirts designed by Amy Kendall '10. All proceeds will be used to support DUG activities.  To buy your Urban Studies t-shirt, contact Meredith Paine at