David Winton Bell Gallery

Past Exhibitions

March 31, 2012 - May 27, 2012

Raised on a small family farm in Long Island, Foglia’s respect for the human bond with the land has colored his work to date. In two series included in the exhibition—A Natural Order, 2006-2010, and his current series Frontcountry—Foglia has searched out people who have reinstated or retained their connection to the land as source of food, shelter, and sustenance.

A Natural Order focuses on a network of people who have left cities and suburbs to live off the grid in the southeastern United States. Over a five-year period beginning in the summer of 2006, Foglia met, stayed with, photographed, and recorded copious conversations with people at “rewilding” communities such as Wildroots Earthskills Homestead, at Christian communities such as Russell Creek Community, and with smaller independent groups. His subjects have embraced a self-sufficient lifestyle for varied reasons: religious, environmental or political; liberal or libertarian. They all strive for self-sufficiency and sustainability, but none are totally isolated from the mainstream. As Foglia tells us, “Many have websites that they update using laptop computers and cell phones that they charge on car batteries or solar panels.”

Foglia has produced an intriguing and seductive narrative of green culture, which is meant to draw viewers in and engend