President's Message

January & February 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all! Gosh, it’s the year 2105 already, and isn’t life wonderful, especially for our recent colonists on the moon and Mars???  A few of them have Club memberships.  Do we make deliveries?  Oh wait…. Silly me… its 2015….not 2105!  Seems like 
just yesterday we were waiting for the Year 2000!  Oh well, what’s a minor transposition of numbers among friends?  I guess the moon/Mars colonists will have to wait!

Moving on….. Granted… I’m not a weather forecaster, but as I cast my thoughts forward, I’m thinking that by the time this message and Newsletter come out, many of us will be experiencing a degree of “cabin fever.”  And what do people do in their cabins? Well, I’m blushing at a couple of the possible answers, but for our purposes, let’s go with watching movies and stage-plays. So, if we’re watching such things, doesn’t that raise the question of movies and plays that capture facets of our Club?

No intention to embarrass…All in good fun.  How about our Club Manager, Mary Hogan, walking down the stairs like Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With The Wind?  Can the elegance of the Club match the elegance of Elizabeth Taylor and Robert Taylor in the original Ivanhoe?  I think it can.  And speaking of those days of yore…might Executive Chef Dave Chabot be a dead ringer for Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood?  Our Club menu, the penache of the setting itself, and out light’s-out staff… do they bring to mind the sophistication of Katherine Hepburn, James Earl Jones, Rita Moreno, Charles Boyer, Cicely Tyson, Ricardo Montalban, Cary Grant?  Ahhhh…. thinking of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Oh… and who am I?  How about the Wizard of Oz, hiding behind the curtain, acting more formidably than the comedic person he really is? Or, perhaps Danny Kaye in The Court Jester? LOL!

Finally…. a misty-eyed “Thank you” to three Board members who are leaving their roles:  Joe Diaz, Julie Haworth, and Dennis Hogan.  Our thanks for your many contributions.  Happy Trails (per Roy and Dale)!  And, an equally happy-eye’d welcome to a new Board member, Mr. Christopher Tow.  Welcome aboard!  Looking forward to working with you, Mr. Tow.

Now, let’s forge bravely ahead into the 2105 New Year!

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club