President's Message

November & December 2014 


It's late September as I write this. Here we are, transitioning yet again through the seasons, as the academic year unfolds. The rhythm of the seasons in New England has been the basis of many a novel and movie. If I had been an English or Modern Culture and Media concentrator, I could provide examples... but I wasn’t... so please just humor me and nod your heads!

But, the word “transitions” resonates with me, and I don’t mean the eyeglass lenses we see in TV commercials! For example, do we “Fall” into “Winter” and “Spring” into “Summer”? A silly question, but the transitional swing of seasons is bread-and-butter for your Club. Have you noticed how Executive Chef Dave Chabot seamlessly adapts the Club menus? The shorter days of winter do mean that its darker at dinner time, but doesn’t that make it feel a little more romantic? Again, please humor me and just nod your heads!

Now leap ahead a few weeks (whoosh!), and speaking of transitions, can you believe we’re already making the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and then from Thanksgiving to the end-of-year holidays? Transitions strikes again! Things are happening so fast, my multi-year calendar doesn’t even have 2015 on it... it goes directly to 2016. Look at the bright side, you’ll skip a year of paying taxes! But don’t blink, 2016 will be 2017 before you know it!

OK.... Have I beaten this “transitions” thing far enough into the ground? HAH! I didn’t have to ask you to humor me and nod for that one!

SO.... Let’s mention an event that DOESN’T transition... its always the same... with fun for all! BREAKFAST WITH SANTA. Make your reservation right away! Even I’ve sat on Santa’s lap! You can too! Get a picture with Jolly Old St. Nicholas. Heck with the (grand)kids you have in tow! Indulge your inner (s)elf... you know you want to do it!

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club