Planning Your Event

To schedule and plan a recruiting event, contact CareerLab. Our staff will assist you with the logistics of your event, including room reservations, media, and catering.

Basic media is included for events held in the CareerLAB Library, which means you will not incur an additional charge for media over and above our standard room fee. Catering is an additional cost and varies depending on the type and quantity of refreshments ordered. For all events outside of CareerLAB, please note the fees charged by campus media and catering.

Events held at the Faculty Club are managed by their staff.

When you post an event with CareerLAB, it is automatically marketed through a number of venues. First, your event will always appear on our recruiting site, the Brown Student Job and Internship Board. In addition, announcements will appear on our main web page, electronic newsletters, and e-mail on the same day as your event.

The Brown Daily Herald is also a great way to advertise your resume drop, information session, career fair table, or application deadline. For more information, contact the Brown Daily Herald's recruiter ads manager.

Also, the Brown Student Association hosts LCD "billboards" across the campus on which you may advertise. Visit their Reach Brown site for details.

Some employers reach students directly by setting up a table right on campus. Visit the BSA website for more.