Research Jobs

Take time to learn more about the industry, the organizations, and the positions in which you are interested. Doing so will help you write effective resumes and cover letters. It will also assist you in preparing for interviews. You need to know what skills the employer is seeking so that you can demonstrate your fit. Make every cover letter, resume, and interview count by conveying information that will help interviewers understand the value you bring to their organization.

Research can mean looking on the internet, talking to people, job shadowing, etc. Be resourceful in how you find information.

Research Industries

Speak with a career advisor to learn more about possible industries to research. Ask experienced alums and your professors for insight and advice. They are great resources for information about  career paths and options. Alums can provide an insider's view of their industry within the world of work. Use BRUnet, our online almuni network, to find alums in your career field.

Research Organizations

"Why do you want to work for our organization?" You can count on being asked this question at some time during every interview. Search the company website and Google for recent news about the organization. Also, find current and former employees to speak with about their experiences.

Research Positions

Be certain to investigate the details of the job. In addition to taking a careful look at the job description, check out the organization's website and find the department or division in which the position falls. Each department may have its own culture, set of goals and values. Be sure it's a good fit for you.