iProv Summer Internship Program

A Swearer Center for Public Service and CareerLAB Project.

The deadline to apply to iProv for Summer 2014 has passed. 

iProv Summer Internship Program provides a $3,000 stipend for undergraduate students to work full-time in 8-10 week internships with organizations based in the greater Providence area.  A joint project of the Swearer Center for Public Service and CareerLAB, iProv has five primary goals:

1. To provide a valuable work experience that can contribute to the educational experience of students and encourage them to make connections between their academic work and their career aspirations. 

2. To match talented students with community organizations and enhance the capacity of non-profit community organizations to utilize student interns effectively.

3. To create a learning community of students engaged in summer work to think about the nature of non-profit work, the dynamics of community change, and active citizenship.

4. To strengthen partnerships between the Swearer Center and community organizations.

5. To expand Brown’s support of community organizations and the City of Providence.

To read more about the program, visit the Swearer Center's iProv web page