Brown/RISD Social Impact Fair

Brown-RISD Social Impact Job and Internship Fair
Thursday, Feb. 20, Kasper Multipurpose Room
11:00 to 3:00

Almost 40 organizations have registered for this year's fair.

First-years, sophomores and juniors can meet and talk with employers about summer internships and graduating seniors and graduate students can discuss full-time jobs in education, the arts, public service, public policy, activism, public health, social entrepreneurship and more.

Below is a list of the employers registered for the 2014 fair. This list will be updated weekly as more organizations register.

Organization Position Types Job/Internship Functions
2Seeds Network, Inc. Full-time Job Management/Administration, Economic/Community Development, Farming/Agriculture,Consulting, Business Development, Engineering,Project Management, Volunteer
Amani Institute Full-time Internship (Unpaid), Part-time Internship (Unpaid) Management/Administration, Research, Social Services,Economic/Community Development, Consulting, Teaching/Education, Project Management, Conflict Resolution
Ameson Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation Full-time Job Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
AS220 Full-time Internship (Unpaid) Community Service
Ashoka Internship, Full-time Job Web Development/Design, Conservation/Sustainability, Research,Account Management/Planning, Database Management, Economic/Community Development, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Analysis, Editorial, Writing/Journalism, Film Production, Interactive Media, Computer Sciences/Programming, Information Management, Human Resources, Finance, Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design, Business Development, IT/Systems, Operations,Art/Creative Design, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Project Management, Volunteer
B Lab Internship, Full-time Job Management/Administration, Conservation/Sustainability, Research, Database Management, Event Planning,Information Management, Customer Service, Operations, Data Entry, Administrative/Support Services
Brooke Charter Schools Full-time Job Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
Camphill Communities of North America Full-time Job Social Services
Center for Inspired Teaching Full-time Job Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
Change Corps Full-time Job Social Services, Other, Advocacy, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Event Planning, Teaching/Education, Health Services/Healthcare, Political Organization/Lobbying, Volunteer
City Year Full-time Job Social Services, Advocacy, Philanthropy, Community Service, Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design, Counseling/Coaching/Advising, Conflict Resolution, Social Work, Volunteer
Community Enterprise Solutions Internship Economic/Community Development
Corporate Accountability International Internship,Full-time Job Not Specified
DownCity Design Internship Administrative/Support Services
Environment America Internship, Full-time Job Advocacy, Political Organization/Lobbying
Groden Network (The) Part-time Internship (Unpaid), Internship, Full-time Job, Part-time Job Other, Advocacy, IT/Systems ,Volunteer
IDEX Global Fellowship Full-time Internship (Unpaid) Management/Administration, Account Management/Planning, Economic/Community Development, Advertising/Marketing/Brand Management, Philanthropy, Analysis, Consulting, Health Services/Healthcare, Business Development, Fundraising, Administrative/Support Services, Project Management
Match Education Full-time Job Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
Monterey Institute of International Studies Internship, Full-time Job Administrative/Support Services
One Acre Fund Full-time Job Project Management
Peace Corps Full-time Job Other, Economic/Community Development, Farming/Agriculture, Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design, Health Services/Healthcare, Business Development, Social Work
Planned Parenthood Southern New England Internship Advocacy, Political Organization/Lobbying
Public Interest GRFX Full-time Job Web Development/Design, Writing/Journalism, Graphic Design
Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless Full-time Internship (Unpaid) Social Services
RI Campus Compact Full-time Job Risk Management/Assessment, Urban and Regional Planning, Law Enforcement/Security, Web Development/Design, Management/Administration, Sales, Research, Social Services, Statistics/Math, Account Management/Planning, Database Management, Economic/Community Development, Advertising/Marketing/Brand Management, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Distribution, Editorial, Writing/Journalism, Film Production, Computer Sciences/Programming, Event Planning, Information Management, Construction/Contracting, Community Service, Law, Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design, Customer Service, Business Development,Data Entry, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Administrative/Support Services, Counseling/Coaching/Advising, Curriculum Development, Project Management, Training, Conflict Resolution, Reporting, Social Work, Volunteer, Technician/Technical Support, Programming/Software Development
Social Enterprise Greenhouse Internship Other
Teach For China Full-time Job Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
The Governor's Academy Full-time Job Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design
The Work First Foundation Full-time Job Research, Social Services, Customer Service, Counseling/Coaching/Advising, Social Work
Tufts Medical Center - CEVR Internship, Full-time Job Research
U.S. Department of State Internship, Full-time Job Risk Management/Assessment, Web Development/Design, Management/Administration, Conservation/Sustainability, Research, Social Services, Advocacy, Philanthropy, Public Relations, Analysis, Computer Sciences/Programming, Information Management, Cyber Security, Human Resources, Finance,Customer Service, Operations, Accounting/Auditing, Political Organization/Lobbying, Project Management, Conflict Resolution,Scientist
U.S. State Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG) Full-time Job Advocacy
Venture for America Full-time Job Hospitality/Travel, Web Development/Design, Account Management/Planning, Public Relations, Analysis, Writing/Journalism, Performing Arts, Computer Sciences/Programming, Event Planning, Consulting, Cyber Security, Finance, Teaching/Education, Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design, Health Services/Healthcare, Business Development, Art/Creative Design, Engineering, Graphic Design, Project Management, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Programming/Software Development, Buying/Purchasing
WaterFire Providence Full-time Internship (Unpaid), Part-time Internship (Unpaid), Internship,Full-time Job Urban and Regional Planning, Production, Web Development/Design, Economic/Community Development, Advertising/Marketing/Brand Management, Public Relations, Film Production, Event Planning, Community Service, Business Development, Art/Creative Design, Graphic Design, Volunteer
WorldTeach Full-time Job Education/Teaching/Curriculum Design