Post-Graduate Data

Geology - Biology

Geology-Biology involves study of the interactions of the Earth and its hydrosphere and atmosphere with the great diversity of life forms, and how they have evolved and influenced one another over the entire history of the Earth. Many courses emphasize climate and biogeochemistry; this concentration is a good one for students interested in quantitative approaches to environmental science. Students take a basic suite of geoscience courses and at least 4 bio courses of their choosing, plus some supporting math and science courses; the AB degree requires a total of 14 courses and the ScB degree requires a total of 19, including one semester of research. There is a strong emphasis on active and collaborative learning, and on practice in communication. There are many opportunities for students to do research work (typically in paid positions) during the academic year or in the summer, in areas such as determining the history of climate change during the recent ice age, investigating the causes of major extinctions, and using paleoenvironmental records to determine the vulnerability of different regions of the globe to droughts and other processes that strongly affect society.

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012 and 2013 reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.

No data was reported for this concentration.