Post-Graduate Data

Independent Concentration

Although Brown offers nearly 80 concentrations, a small number of students have academic interests that fall beyond the scope of these offerings. Brown allows such students to design their own concentrations through the Independent Concentration (IC) program. The IC program is for exceptionally dedicated students who are willing to spend extra time and effort creating a “new” concentration, representing a coherent field of study that Brown does not offer. Such fields may include emerging topics, such as "sustainable technology," or broader interdisciplinary areas, such as "Southern Studies." As of 2010, the Independent Concentration also includes some already approved (though rarely selected) concentration offerings. Students wishing to declare one of these established "tracks" need to work with the relevant concentration advisors. Students interested in pursuing an Independent Concentration are strongly encouraged to review the IC website, speak with the Curricular Resource Center's IC Coordinator and with the IC Dean (Dean Rodriguez) and to review previous proposals in the CRC's library.

Here's what concentrators from the classes of 2012 and 2013 reported they were doing in their first year after graduation.



  • Account Coordinator, One North Interactive
  • Farm Worker, North Tabor Farm
  • Post-Graduate Researcher, Yale University
  • Program Manager, Ashoka
  • Research Assistant - Dr. Judson Brewer; Social Media Marketing Chair, Yale Therapeutic Neuroscience Center, goBlue Labs
  • Software Developer, Ripple Labs

Graduate School

  • University of Amsterdam, MS, Logic



  • Media Outreach and Communications Intern, Seedling Projects
  • Research and Administrative Assistant, The Kettering Foundation and the International Institute of Sustained Dialogue

Graduate School

  • New York University Institute of Fine Arts, MA, Art Conservation/Art History