Alumni Connections

Brown alums consitute one of your best resources for career development. You can tap into the vast network of Brown alums by using one of the online services below. Attending one of our alumni events, especially those in Brown Degree Days, allows you to meet alums in person and build relationships based on common interests and goals.

January Career Laboratory

January Career Laboratory is an intensive program through which students explore options for life after Brown by learning from and networking with alumni. The program includes interactive sessions and panels, along with a variety of networking and mentoring events where students can work with alumni on an individual basis.


More than 5,500 Brown alumni are members of BRUnet, an online service through which alums share their professional experiences and expertise with Brown students. Current students and recent alums can use BRUnet to learn about various careers while at the same time developing a network of people who are willing and able to help you prepare for life after Brown. Whether you’re pre-graduation, post-retirement, or anywhere in between, BRUnet is a valuable tool that will help you connect professionally with other Brown alums.


It's no surprise that Brown alumni groups proliferate on Facebook. The largest group is the Brown Alumni Association, which has over 3,300 members. Other groups are organized by shared interests in such areas as the arts, sports, and academics. Find the groups that match your interests, and you have an instant alum network.


The number of alumni groups on LinkedIn is growing quickly. The general Brown Alumni Association Group has over 7,000 members! Some groups are comprised of alums working in particular career fields, while others are based on geographic location.  

Alumni Stories

Hearing and reading about how alumni have navigated life after Brown is one of the best ways to think about how to spend your time at Brown, how to consider future career paths and how to look for and find jobs and internships.