Self-Assessment Tools

Self-Assessment Tools

Self–assessment plays a crucial role in the process of career planning and development. While it is most often viewed as the first step in career planning, self-assessment is something to consider periodically during all stages of your formal education and working life.

Typically, the process of career self-assessment helps students identify their interests-skills-values profile and then match that profile to potential jobs/professions. This can be done a number of different ways and our trained career advisors will help you find a process that makes sense for you. You don’t have to know anything to get started.

CareerLAB offers the following self-assessment resources, including individual counseling. If you're interested in using the Myers-Briggs or Strong Interest Inventory assessment tools, schedule a meeting with a career advisor. If you're interested in using Focus, you can follow the directions below.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – a paper-pencil inventory designed to assess your personality type and associated strengths and weaknesses. Careers that are particularly suited for each of the 16 types are emphasized. A career advisor will help you interpret your result during a scheduled appointment.

Strong Interest Inventory – a web-based questionnaire that compares your interests with the population in general and with people working in a large number of careers. A career advisor will help you interpret your responses during a scheduled appointment.

Focus– online self assessment tool to help students through self discovery, reflection and career exploration. This interactive tool helps to determine your interests, values, preferences, and skills, and provides you with suggested career paths based on your individual results


Follow the steps below to complete FOCUS.

  • Go to the FOCUS web site.
  • Create your new account. The Brown-specific access code is "Brown."
  • Complete the five modules in the “Self-Assessment” section. (This will take about twenty minutes.)
    • Work Interest Assessment
    • Personality Assessment
    • Skills Assessment
    • Values Assessment
    • Leisure Interest Assessment

Completing your entire profile in FOCUS takes approximately 40 minutes. FOCUS saves your results, so you can review your results at anytime or spend additional time researching different occupations.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve completed FOCUS, you’ll have information about yourself and potential concentrations and careers, as well as many questions. Meet with a CareerLAB advisor to discuss your results and to develop an action plan for next steps.

Remember that next steps always include connecting with people: alumni, faculty, advisers, your parents, friends, and, of course, employers to learn more about various career paths.