Graduate/Professional School

Preparation for successful admission to graduate or professional programs starts well in advance of the actual application process. Many people on campus can help you explore options. Faculty can suggest programs congruent with your professional interests. CareerLAB advisors, academic deans, and alumni can give you advice about the application process, the timeline, and your decision about which program to pursue.

Among the questions to discuss with your advising network are the following:

  • Is graduate or professional school the right step for you?
  • Is this the right time to pursue an advanced degree?
  • What are the various programs and degrees?
  • In what ways is graduate study consistent with your long-term goals?
  • What do students do after completing their degrees?

Virtually all graduate or professional degree programs require a standardized test, a personal essay, and the completion of application forms for each program to which you apply. Most health profession programs as well as law schools require a common application as well.

CareerLAB has several resources to help you get started on your research into graduate/professional programs: