Internship Credit

Some companies require their student interns to earn course credit for the experience at the time of the internship, usually during the summer. Brown's rules regarding academic credit for internships vary depending on the academic term of the internship.

Summer Internships

Brown does not offer a summer course for credit concurrent to an internship experience. CareerLAB will provide a letter stating that academic credit may be obtained by completing an independent study in the fall semester after the summer internship. This may not be accepted by all internship-for-credit organizations. Check with your employer. To request a letter of support for your internship, please send an email to

If your internship company agrees to this arrangement, you will need to arrange an independent study with a faculty member in advance of the actual internship. Not all departments offer such a course, and departments that do offer them structure them in various ways. So it's wise to do your footwork early. Check to see if the appropriate academic department offers an independent research or reading course before approaching a faculty member.

Fall or Spring Term Internships

Students who have secured an internship in the Providence area for a fall or spring academic term may propose to complete a concurrent, credit-bearing Academic Internship. Applications are due the semester prior to the proposed activity, so students need to plan ahead if they want to pursue this option.