Mental Health & Counseling

Psychological Services

Brown University Psychological Services provides assessment, time-limited psychotherapy, and crisis intervention to all actively-enrolled Brown students. Students from all of the diverse backgrounds represented in the Brown community make use of Psychological Services -- during times of crisis and high stress; when their usual coping mechanisms are not working well; when they are faced with making difficult decisions; if they are having problems relating to friends, roommates or family; are struggling academically or having difficulty declaring a concentration; or feeling anxious or depressed.

Visits to Psychological Services are covered by the Health Services fee. At the end of an initial visit, the student and the clinician decide whether to schedule further appointments. If the student is interested in ongoing therapy beyond seven sessions, the clinician makes a referral to therapists in the community so that a student can develop a long-term relationship with a therapist as quickly as possible. When appropriate, a medication consultation is scheduled with one of Brown's staff psychiatrists.

Psychological Services provides additional information for parents and families on their office website.


The interfaith chaplaincy at Brown will provide pastoral care and advisement for any member of the Brown community. The Chaplains and Psychological Services cosponsor a Bereavement Group for students experiencing grief or loss.  Information about the chaplains and the Bereavement Group is available on the website of the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life