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Learn more about the Brown/Pfizer Masters of Arts in Biology Program.

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Brown University, in partnership with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in Groton/New London, CT, provides on-site, graduate-level courses for Pfizer employees who have completed their baccalaureate degree. Each fall and spring semester faculty from Brown teach a course onsite at Pfizer. Successful completion of courses will enable interested students to complete a Master of Arts degree in Biology if they choose to enroll in the complete course sequence. Students are welcomed to enroll in individual courses of interest or to take a series of courses, and complete a research project, in order to fulfill the degree requirements. Post-baccalaureate students from Pfizer are also welcomed to enroll in courses offered on the Brown campus during the fall, spring or summer terms. In order to be eligible to enroll in the MA program students must successfully complete a minimum of two Brown courses within the degree requirements.

Course Enrollment

All course enrollments are processed through the Office of Continuing Education. Courses offered at Pfizer may be found on the courses page of this site. Enrollment forms and requirements may be found on the How To Apply page.

Additional program information may be found at the Division of Biology and Medicine web site.

Courses on the Brown Campus

A full listing of Brown courses is available through the Brown Online Course Announcement (http://boca.brown.edu/). Each Brown course carries 4 semester credit hours. Fall and Spring Semesters are each 12-13 week terms with an additional period of approximately 2 weeks for reading period and final examinations. The Summer term has 6 weeks of classes and an additional week for reading period and final examinations.

Academic Policies

Taking a course for credit means that the student must meet all the course requirements as specified by the instructor. Students are also subject to the same academic policies regarding course prerequisites, grading options and extension of work as any other Brown student. (These policies are outlined in the University Course Announcement Bulletin and are available for the summer term through the publications of the Office of Continuing Education.)

Students requesting additional time to complete a final paper or assignment must have the instructor sign an incomplete form, which must be filed with the Registrar's Office. All incomplete course work must be finished within 1 year for Fall or Spring semester courses or by the start of the fall semester for the Summer term courses. Excuses from final examinations require the permission of an academic dean.

Enrollment does not imply admission to candidacy for a degree. Individuals interested in admission as a graduate student should make inquiries either to the Graduate School or the Brown Medical School. No financial aid is available for visiting students through Brown University.

Students should consult employer policies regarding tuition reimbursement.