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Our Summer Pre-College Program residence halls are filling, but we still have some room: 

  • Men’s halls have space during all one week sessions
  • Women’s halls have space only for those one week sessions beginning July 20 and July 27
  • Space is available for both men and women during the last two week session beginning July 27

Wait-list Protocol

To ensure we have residence hall space for students wishing to enroll in terms where residential space is limited, we've instituted a course waitlist: this is why you may have seen in the course catalog that the course you’re interested in is “waitlisted.”  If you've paid your deposit, you may put yourself on the waitlist and if there’s room for you in the appropriate residence, we’ll move you into the course. If you want to find out whether there is still room in a course and the residence hall before your pay your deposit, please contact our office.

Courses listed as “Open” or “Waitlisted” still have space available, but the latter may be contingent on appropriate space in our residence halls.

"Full: Waitlist Closed" means there is no space in a course, the waitlist already full, and so not open to new registrants.

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So You Want to be a Laboratory Scientist? - Junior SPARK

Have you ever wondered what DNA looks like? Are you curious about what it is like in a laboratory, working to solve problems in the medical field? Have you ever wanted to solve a crime?

This course is designed to expose middle school students to basic laboratory research in the fields of biotechnology, microbiology, medicine, forensics and general laboratory techniques....

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DNA Science and Biotechnology - Senior SPARK

The field of Modern Biotechnology explores breakthrough technology that has revolutionized pharmaceutical, agricultural, and biomedical research. Scientific researchers in DNA Science work to understand diseases, develop treatments and cures, and to address concerns with the environment and our food supply. This laboratory-based course is designed to expose students to the...

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Aerospace Engineering and Rocket Science - Junior SPARK

Have you ever looked at an airplane and wanted to know how it works? Do the words; rocket, space, and satellite excite your imagination? Have you even wanted to know how NASA shoots up satellites into outer space and reach their final destination millions of miles away? Or how to build an airplane that can travel faster than the speed of sound? If these questions excite you,...

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Star Wars Physics - Senior SPARK

Do you love the Star Wars movies? Did you know that all of the coolest stuff in Star Wars (tractor beams, force fields, invisibility, lightsabers!) are based on basic ideas of physics and astronomy? Does the idea of learning about how a blaster bolt might work, and where the idea for it comes from, sound interesting to you? Then this might just be the course for you. In...

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