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The Pharmaceutical Industry: From Drug Discovery to Market

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June 16, 2014 - June 27, 20142M-F 12:45-3:35POpenDiana Horrigan10637

Course Description

The discovery and sale of penicillin changed modern medicine forever, but have you ever wondered what life would be like without pharmaceuticals? How were the earliest drugs discovered, developed and marketed? How have those processes changed in the past 80 years? We will explore this and much more!

In this course we will begin by looking at the history of drug development. How were some of the earliest drugs discovered and marketed, and what has been their impact on modern society? How have these processes changed over the past 80 years? We will explore these questions and many more as we discuss how big pharmaceutical companies search for new drug “targets” and move those targets through the process of development, clinical trials, FDA approval, manufacturing, and finally to the marketplace.

In addition, we will take a look at the long list of experts involved in the process including, biologists, chemists, clinicians, statisticians, lawyers, and more. Some of these experts will be brought in as guest speakers to share their personal knowledge of the drug industry.

- Have an appreciation of the history of drug discovery and understand how that process has evolved over time.
- Have an appreciation for the modern day problems of the drug discovery process.
- Have firsthand knowledge of the drug discovery process from experts in the field.
- Identify potential careers in the pharmaceutical industry which may inspire their future goals.

No prerequisites required, but a basic course in biology or chemistry would be advantageous.