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Neuroscience in Action: Understanding Our Brains and Nervous Systems

  • Program: Online
  • Course Code: CEBN0927

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

The human brain has more than 85 billion nerve cells, also known as neurons. Ever since the original description of the neuron by Santiago Ramon y Cajal in the 19th century, neuroscientists have known that understanding the neuron is key toward understanding how the brain works. This course is an introduction to neuroscience in which we will examine the inner workings of the neuron: how it computes information, generates signals, communicates with others, and allows us to learn about and experience our world. We will also focus on the development of new technologies that have allowed us to study neurons in ways that were impossible just a few years ago.

Students will gain not only conceptual knowledge about basic neuroscientific concepts, but also unique insight into the behind-the-scenes activity that goes on in science labs working at the cutting edge of their field, and about how science is made and published. The course will consist of a series of modules that will introduce the students to the basic material, engage them in virtual laboratories and research projects using online resources, take them on virtual tours of several neuroscience laboratories at Brown, teach critical skills for evaluating scientific claims, and allow for engaging interactions with their peers and instructors. The course is geared toward anyone who is curious about neuroscience, including future science majors, those contemplating medical school, and anyone interested in understanding how brain cells and brains work.

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Coursework requirements: This course requires approximately 10 hours of coursework per week.

You will need the following to participate in this online course:
• Computer with internet access and browser
• Headphones or speakers
• Adobe Flash Player
• Smartphone with camera, digital camera, or scanner (some assignments require students to upload photos, sketches, or graphs to the course website)

Course Fee: $985

Enrollment deadline: June 30

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