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Leadership and Global Development

This course is expected to run but has not yet been scheduled.

Course Description

Despite unprecedented increases in global wealth a large share of the world’s population still lives in abject poverty. Understanding and promoting economic, social, and political equality is one of the primary challenges for the world in the twenty-first century. This course seeks to train students to become participants and leaders in global debates about development, poverty and inequality.

Drawing from across the social sciences this course will situate the question of persistent global inequality within the broader context of development theory and the contentious history of 20th century development knowledge and practice. The class will engage substantive case studies focused complex global development issues including environmental sustainability, conflict and governance, and health and wellbeing. While the class will draw from on experiences from the Global South, it is also concerned with structures of inequality as they are reproduced in the Global North.

Through an interactive curriculum that includes readings, lectures, class discussion and screenings, students will be introduced to the major debates in development. Students will be expected to engage the material through critical discussion, reflexive writing exercises, class debates, case-study presentations and through dialogue with international development practitioners who will serve as occasional guests lecturers. Students will also be encouraged to think reflexively about the ethical and political challenges of ‘doing development’ as each student crafts a leadership Action Plan informed by course material and discussion.

This course is interdisciplinary and will prepare high school students for college level studies in policy and the social science at Brown, or elsewhere. In addition this course will encourage students to develop a critical understanding of development and prepare student for reflexive engagement in international volunteer, leadership or opportunities at home or abroad.