Pre-College Programs

Global Programs: Naxos, Greece | For Accepted Students

Ancient and modern Greek through humanities and social science

Contact Numbers

Students should bring a copy of these emergency phone numbers while they are traveling as well as leaving a copy with their parents/guardians.

Elsa Amanatidou – On-Site Coordinator
(011-30 – calling from US) 6946 560204

Rosario Navarro – Director, International Programs, Brown University

Emergency phone numbers in Greece
112 – Emergency Police Help Number (also ambulance and fire)
14944 – Medical emergencies

Brown University Department of Public Safety
(001) 401-863-4111 – Emergencies (when calling from Greece)
(001) 401-863-3322 – General inquiries (when calling from Greece)

Program and Travel Information

Forms & Waivers required for Global Programs

Send all documents to:
Attn: Global Programs
Brown University
Continuing Education
200 Dyer St./Box T
Providence, RI 02912

Pre-Departure Orientation

A web conference program orientation is scheduled for Thursday, May 30, 2012 at 5:00 pm.
Additional information on how to access will be emailed prior to the web conference.

Booking your flights

Sunday, July 14, 2013 – Arrive in Athens (ATH) International Airport (arrive by 1:00 pm)
Sunday, August 4, 2013 – Depart from Athens (ATH) International Airport (depart between 9:00 am-1:00 pm)

Once your flight is booked, submit your itinerary and emergency contact(s) to:

If your flight arrives/departs outside of the arrival/departure window as stated above, please contact us at (401) 863-7900 or email as soon as possible to confirm that your arrival/departure can be accommodated.

Please note that if you are arriving/departing outside of the program dates, we cannot provide accommodations pre/post program.

Facebook group page

We have created a Student Facebook Group to provide a forum for students to connect directly with each other to arrange travel to Athens. To access, the student must be a Facebook member. Visit Brown University Global Programs in Naxos, Greece and request to join. This is a private group accessible only for students officially enrolled in the Naxos program. Members must be approved by the group administrator.

Airport Pick-up and Transfer

Course Materials List

Students are not required to purchase any course textbooks. All material will be provided on-site and/or available on-line. More information on how to access materials on-line will be provided before your departure.

Packing List

Required Items

Optional Items

Spending Money

Plan to bring between 300-500€ in spending money. The most convenient way is to acquire a prepaid credit card which can be used as a credit or ATM card. Visa or Mastercard are most widely accepted.

Another alternative is to use your bank ATM card; be sure to have your bank activate your card for overseas use before your departure. Cash can also be easily exchanged at the airport or at several locations in the city but there is a usually an additional exchange fee for this service.

Hotel Anixis
Amfitritis Str, Old Town, Naxos

Athens Hotel - TBD

HTH Insurance

Each student participating in a Summer@Brown Global Program is automatically enrolled in the HTH Worldwide health insurance plan which provides service and protection in the event a student becomes ill or injured while abroad. Students will be emailed instructions on how to register for the insurance plan.