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José Lejarraga received his Ph.D. in Business Economics and Quantitative Methods from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (ES). His research interests lie in the intersection between behavioral decision making, experiential learning and entrepreneurship, and for his research he conducts laboratory experiments as well as quantitative analysis of firm-level data. After his Ph.D. he joined Universidad Pompeu Fabra as a post-doctoral fellow to continue his research, and in 2011 he joined IE University as a professor of Entrepreneurship. Some of his work has been published in the Proceedings of the Academy of Management and the European Management Review. He has also presented his research in several international conferences such as the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, the Strategic Management Society’s Meeting, EGOS conference, or the Subjective Probability, Utility and Decision Making Meeting.

Elena Lledó Macau earned her PhD in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London with a focus on post-war abstraction in France. She has worked in galleries and museums in Europe and organized a number of art festivals and cultural events in Europe and the US. She has lectured at RISD and published contemporary art criticism for over 15 years.

Cristina Otero holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Philology and post-graduate Certificate from Universidad Completense de Madrid. She has taught Spanish for several years at the Oxford Intensive School of English.

Leslie Bostrom is a printmaker and painter whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in New York, Sydney, AUS, Chicago, Buffalo, NY, St. Paul, MN, and Sacramento, CA. A graduate of the University of Maine and the Rhode Island School of Design, she has served as Master Printer and Printer consultant for several national artists presses. She is the recipient of three fellowships from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Ms. Bostrom is an Associate Professor of Art at Brown University and is currently Chair of the Visual Art Department. Ms. Bostrom shows with Brenda Taylor Gallery in New York.

Ed Osborn is a sound and media artist who has performed, exhibited, lectured, and held residencies in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America. His sounding artworks take many forms including installation, sculpture, radio, video, performance, and public projects. They demonstrate a visceral sense of space, aurality, and motion combined with a precise economy of materials. Ranging from rumbling fans and sounding train sets to squirming music boxes and delicate feedback networks, Osborn’s kinetic and audible pieces function as resonating systems that are by turns playful and oblique, engaging and enigmatic.

He is on the faculty of the Visual Arts Department at Brown University (Providence, RI) and has taught at the University of California at Davis (Davis, CA), the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), the California College of Arts and Crafts (Oakland, CA), and the University of California at Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, CA). He is represented by the Catharine Clark Gallery (San Francisco, CA).

Salvador Aragon is Professor of Information Systems at IE Business School. In his own words: “I am currently researching the role of information technologies in the business organization, their relevance as an engine for innovation and transformation, and how they are managed”. He is also interested in the development of new markets and services in digital convergence, studying, for example, how mobiles and interactive television are moving toward each other’s territory, permitting young people to arrange to meet through teletext messages. Furthermore, professor Aragón has researched the theoretical concept of digital convergence. From a more practical perspective, he has also studied the management of information systems in Spanish firms, and, in collaboration with MIT, the definition of new services on mobile platforms.

Waya Quiviger joined IE Business School as Managing Director of the International MBA program in October 2003. She is currently Executive Director of the Master in International Relations at IE School of International Relations. Waya is co-Founder of the student-led Social Responsibility Forum, IE’s largest annual symposium on social and environmental issues. Waya holds a Master’s in Management from the Hautes Ecoles Commerciales (HEC) in Paris and a Master’s in Politics of the World Economy from the London School of Economics. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration at IE specializing in Social Entrepreneurship.