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Global Programs: Turkey

Global Programs: Turkey | Course Details

A field studies experience in Turkish culture and society 

Social Innovation in Context (CRN:10505)

This course for pre-college students will introduce qualitative field research methods, theories and examples of social innovation and Turkish culture. Students will explore Turkish culture through the lens of local social innovators, social scientists, and students facilitators in Turkey. The course is divided into three modules, and the days are divided into four sessions.


Global Programs: Turkey

This course is designed to allow students to learn skills and concepts in an integrated way. The fundamental goal is to create an experience where teaching and learning happen in the same space. While students are experiencing a different culture, they will also learn how to read social terrains in general, and how to see contexts through the eyes of social innovators. The particular sociocultural context for this course is specific to contemporary Turkey, but the skills (ability to understand cultures, ability to see and think like an innovator) are applicable to other cultural contexts.


By the end of the 3-week course, students will know how to view and understand social and cultural contexts through different disciplinary perspectives; they will understand how innovation happens and how innovators see the world; and they will have introductory in-depth knowledge and understanding of Turkish culture and contemporary society.

Daily Schedule

Morning: Language and culture

Early afternoon: Theories and frameworks

Late afternoon: Site visit and field research

Early evening: Group reflection and journaling

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