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Wardlaw Elite Prospects Camp for Girls - Session 2

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Taking place on Brown University’s historic campus and directed by Paul Wardlaw, Brown's Head Women's tennis coach, Wilson Collegiate Tennis Camps offers a camp that is the epitome of the “College Experience.”

The Wardlaw Elite camps ( Wardlaw Elite I & II ) are designed for top junior girls. The goal of the camp is to continue your development as a player while immersing you in a competitive college tennis environment. While technique will be evaluated and addressed, the aim of the camp is to focus on how to play.

The Elite Tennis Camp offers a high intensity three day program designed for top junior girls. The goal of the camp is to continue your development asa player while immersing you in a competitive college tennis environment. While technique willbe evaluated and addressed, the aim of the camp is to focus on how to play. All technique and drill work takes place in a tactical framework. Players will be exposed to all aspects of tennis training including the following topics:

  • Movement training
  • Court Position
  • Directionals
  • Point Building
  • Doubles
  • Mental Toughness

    We’ll also discuss college tennis and the recruiting process.

    Instruction takes place on Brown’s eight-court Varsity Tennis Complex and Brown’s four-court indoor facility housed in the Pizzitola Athletic Center. All twelve courts are US Open-style and tennis instruction is guaranteed rain or shine.

    Highlights of the Brown University camp include:
  • 5.5-6 hours of tennis daily
  • Comprehensive instructional program with daily teaching progressions
  • Small instructional groups to ensure individual attention.
  • Social and Recreational activities daily

    Commuter Information

    Morning Drop-off: Commuters should meet in the Nelson Fitness Center lobby each morning at 8am (235 Hope Street). Please use the parking lot when dropping off.

    Evening Pick-Up: We will finish each evening at the Pizzitola Athletic Center. Please use the parking lot for pick-ups.

    Meals: Commuter campers will be provided with lunch on Day 2 of the camp. Co

    Evening Activities: Evening activities (match play, round table discussions) are not mandatory but know that they are an important part of camp and everyone is encouraged to attend.

    Important Item: If the camper is not able to attend an evening function or needs to leave early, please notify me by email.

    2013 General Camp Schedule - subject to change for 2014
    2013 General Camp Schedule - subject to change for 2014

    Day One

    1:00 pm Assemble in front of Andrews where check-in occurred. Bring your tennis gear (including water container) with you.
    1:10 pm Full camp meeting in Pizzitola Athletic Center; staff introduction; camp goals and rules.
    1:15 pm High Performance Video
    1:25 pm Warm-up " Ball skills and Speed City
    1:35 pm Directional Demo
    1:50 pm On-court warm-up
    •Directional mini tennis
    •Structured warm-up with serves
    2:45 pm Point play with serves [Pre-directionals]
    •Singles, teams of two " move up, move down, split
    3:15 pm Directionals
    •Outside Groundstrokes w/ recovery 4 on ct. 4 min/side
    •Inside Groundstrokes (2v1) 1.5 rotations
    •Directional rallies (2v1) OS/OS/IS, OS/OS/90˚ COD
    •Directional points (receive the feed,
    play directionally)
    4:15 pm Tiebreaker tournament " 12 point tiebreakers
    11/11 per four courts outside
    10 player tournament inside
    4:45 pm Stretching and cool down
    5:00 pm Dinner
    6:15 pm Team tournament (4 teams of 8) " mini-set match play
    7:45pm Stretching & cool down;
    8:45 pm Panel Discussion " Essentials of College Tennis
    9:30 pm Thayer Street Adventure
    Day Two


    7:30 am Breakfast (V-Dub)
    8:00 am Depart for courts.
    8:20 am Speed City on outdoor courts
    8:30 am Ten Minute Warm-up
    Varying Spin " Slice & Termination
    8:40 am Slice mini-tennis (Gustavus skills)
    8:50 am Gustavus Game tournament
    Max of 3 points, 2.5 minutes per game
    9:10 am Deep court slice points (three 4-minute games)
    9:25 am Termination Number Explanation and Emerson Court Rallies
    4 minute rallies
    1. 33 2. 22 3. 11 (tempo) 4.12 5. Random (1,2,slice) No more than two in a row
    9:45 am Point Building Rallies, Push Opponent Back
    Get ball out of strike zone
    DeuceDeuce AdAd
    10:15 am 1,2,slice points. Three 4-minute games. Emerson court.
    10:30 am Offense/Defense game. Emerson court.
    Defense can only play heavy or slice. Get balls out of strike zone. If you feed you’re on offense. Alternate every 2 feeds. Three 5-minute games.
    10:55 am Olympic Singles Points " Ball out of Strike Zone
    Feed in Points, No Winners off Feed
    Teams must win 7 points, come up with Team Name
    11:30 am Cool down/stretch
    11:45 am Lunch (V-Dub)
    12:40 pm Depart for campus tour
    1:00 pm Campus Tour
    2:00 pm Depart for courts
    2:10 pm Ten-minute warm-up
    2:20 pm Spacing " Moving to/Moving around


    2:35 pm Second serve returns
    •2nd serve body BH warmup " D/A " 2 min. each
    •2nd serve pounce returns " CC returns D/A 2 min rotation
    •2nd serve points " 1v1 teams of 2 5 min. games
    move up, move down, split
    3:15 pm First serve returns
    •Serve + weapon " Mindset is to strike first!
    •2v1 first serve 2 point rotations 3 min D/A two servers, one returner
    •2v1 1st strike game " 3 serves per point one server, two returners
    4:00 pm Doubles and Singles Team Play
    5:30 pm Stretching and cool down
    5:45 pm Dinner (V-Dub)
    6:30 pm Panel discussion on the College Recruiting Process in Pizzitola Athletic Center
    8:00 pm Snack run and shopping on Thayer Street
    Day Three

    7:30 am Breakfast (V-Dub)
    8:00 am Depart for courts
    8:10 am Volleys video session: McEnroe and Stefanki
    8:25 am Speed City and 10 minute warm-up
    Volley Like a Pro " The Transition Game
    8:50 am Volley demonstration, video review and volley warm-up
    9:10 am 1 Player Closing Volleys (Two 4 minute games each)
    9:20 am 2 Player Closing Volleys
    9:30 am 1 Team Closing Volleys
    9:40 am 2 Team Closing Volleys
    9:50 am Serve and Volley Tournament 4 on court, 2 rounds of Deuce, 2 rounds of Ad
    10:20 am Cheap Feeds Explanation and Demonstration
    10:30 am Cheap Feeds Tournament (move up, move down, split)
    11:00 am Team tournament " singles and doubles
    12:00 pm Closing ceremonies/raffle
    12:30 pm Depart for dorm and check-out

    Brown University Sports Camps are open to any and all entrants that meet the listed age requirements for each camp.