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Integration into the classroom

Educational value

Multimedia assignments hold great potential for enhancing student learning. In moving beyond text-based assignments, students are able to explore different ways of communicating ideas. They are challenged to make appropriate selections of media that will support their arguments. Information can be presented simultaneously and in a variety of formats such as images, graphics, animation, video, and audio to produce a powerful message that would not be possible in text alone.

In addition, as students work on these projects, they gain valuable 21st century skills. If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate multimedia assignments into your courses and the type of support that is available to you and your and your students, contact your Instructional Technologist.


Developing a successful multimedia assignment requires a plan for how the assignments will be assessed. A clear set of rubrics will help you assess alternative assignment types and will help your students have a clear sense of what you expect from them. See our assessment resources section for links to example rubrics and assessment recommendations.