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Why Work With AMP?

  • Are there concepts that students consistently find difficult to grasp? Could these concepts be better explained if you had several ways to show the same phenomena?
  • Would you like to offer alternate ways to complete their assignments using new media tools? Are you curious about new rubrics for assessing your students' mastery of the material, and whether you have achieved your pedagical goals?

How can AMP help you?

Multimedia Instructional Technologists and student multimedia consultants offer guidance and support so that Brown instructors are encouraged to try new directions in their instruction strategies, and can mitigate the risks and challenges that come with such explorations. Since AMP can empower faculty to consider and integrate newer media in their course, instructors can support more "types of significant learning" and leverage the emergent forms of authorship that students might bring to the classroom.

How does it work?

Faculty apply online to participate in the Academic Multimedia Program prior to the start of the semester. Two courses to be supported are selected by the AMP team. The primary AMP contact works closely with the faculty member to evaluate ways to solve the pedagogical challenge(s), explore rubrics for assessment, and execution of solutions. When appropriate, student employees (student technology assistants, multimedia lab consultants) team up with the faculty member to help with development of materials and instruction.