Brown Institute for Teaching and Technology - Overview

The Summer Institute at Brown University is a program for faculty and selected graduate students who want to experiment with integrating technology with their teaching and course design. The Institute provides an environment in which faculty can focus on incorporating technology into a specific course. The Institute is geared toward faculty with little to no experience with using instructional technology.

Summer Institute Application

The Summer Institute will take place May 19 - 23.

The application is now available:

"Attending last year's Summer Institute was the best decision I have made since coming to Brown... ITG completely changed how I viewed classroom technology. I highly recommend this workshop to those who are apprehensive about using technology in their curriculum."

You should attend if ...

The goal of the Summer Institute is to demonstrate technologies and resources which can help many classroom situations, such as:

  • you are looking for new ways to explain fundamental concepts.
  • you are looking for new ways to assess student understanding.
  • you are looking for a way to reinvigorate a course.
  • you want your students to stop updating facebook during your lecture.
  • you want to extend student learning beyond the classroom.
  • you are looking for new ways to provide feedback
  • you want to foster student to student interactions and collaborations.
  • you want to increase opportunities for informal or self assessment.
  • you want to create opportunities for peer teaching and learning.

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, then you are a prime candidate for the Institute.

"The Summer Institute enabled me to put my course [online] and include an innovative self-test component that challenged students' assumptions about drug abuse and our nation's War on Drugs. The students provided very favorable feedback at the end of the semester on both the [course] site and the self-test innovation."

Contact Information

The Instructional Technology Group
115 Waterman Street (CIT room 205)